The Community

“There are no strangers here; only friends you have not met.”

~ William Butler Yeats


Opening up our lives to others can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as painting an ordinary picnic table turquoise and placing it in your front yard.

It sounds so simple, it’s ridiculous. In fact, that’s just what I thought when I painted my picnic table bright turquoise (Sherwin-Williams Nifty Turquoise, if you’re wondering) and placed it under a magnolia tree, close to the edge our lively street.

That very day, life in our neighborhood and my life changed in meaningful ways. All because of The Turquoise Table.

The Turquoise Table has become a meeting place—kind of like the old village well—for neighbors, friends, and even strangers, to hang out and do life together. The table has spurred a front yard revival in our neighborhood and had become a welcome place to gather and love. We call ourselves Front Yard People.

As it turns out, turquoise tables are popping up all over the place – even as far away as Uganda. We’ve got an encouraging community of people—just like you—who are looking for simple ways to create community right right where they live. Wanna make a difference in your community—join us!

It’s simple. It’s huge. It’s love.

And it can all start around your turquoise table.

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