Basil Lemonade

Yesterday Littlest and I made Basil Lemon Simple Syrup. As soon as her feet hit the ground this morning she was begging for Basil Lemonade. What could I say? After all, she deserved to taste the fruit of her labor.

We squeezed (and squeezed) lemons, added our delicious syrup, and in no time at all we were savoring fresh lemonade. Littlest loves it!  I must admit, it’s crazy good lemonade and Addie’s revelation to add balsamic vinegar was sheer brilliance.

Kick off your summer with a splash and enjoy this tasty twist on lemonade. I’m making more syrup as we speak just to keep a stash in the fridge. Husband and I might even try a Basil Lemon Gimlet this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

Basil Lemonade

2 cups basil lemon simple syrup

2 cups cold water

2 cups ice cubes

1 cup fresh lemon juice (about 6-8 lemons)

1 splash balsamic vinegar

Stir together ingredients in a large pitcher.  Pour into ice filled glasses and enjoy!

Makes about 6 cups of lemonade.


  1. sandy Youman says

    I too have bouquets of basil at our Place at Styar, TX

    thanks for this fun!

    Delight in summer and your family!

  2. says

    Oh my Kristin, this sounds amazing! You are such an inspiration to me! I adore basil (but you can only eat so much pesto) so this is a perfect recipe to enjoy the wonderful flavor of basil and lemons and all the other yummy ingredients. I love your creativity and look forward to meeting you someday and talking all things food! (And Jesus, and family, and hospitality, and…) ;))

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