Cooking with Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils |

If you've been following my antics on Facebook and Instagram, you know I've gone a wee bit hippie chic and am quite smitten with essential oils. If you are my real life friend, chances are you've commented that my house smells like a spa and I seem unusually calm and relaxed. It's true. I'm hooked on essential oils. I've been a fan of essential oils for years, but recently put them to the test after Littlest's surgery. During her recovery from spine surgery, Littlest was confined to a full body cast and was having a terrible time getting comfortable and sleeping at night. Nurses suggested … [Read More...]

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Peanut Butter Cups
Chick Fil A Chicken Nuggets WM
Freshly grated cheddars for Pimento Cheese
Overnight Oatmeal Recipe
Cranberry Jalapeno Salsa

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Chicken Marbella

Chicken Marbella recipe | delicious, healthy supper in 30 minutes |

My friend Claire is known throughout the village, and quite possibly the entire land, for her Chicken Marbella recipe. Claire is the kind of friend who shows up at three o’clock in the afternoon with a bottle of champagne and a pint of pomegranate seeds declaring, “we need to catch up.” Clearly the world needs […]

The Mission

A Big God Dream

The Turquoise Table |

Earlier this week, I posed the question on Facebook: If you were to receive a ridiculous amount of money with no strings attached, what would you do? Sitting outside at the turquoise table, reading the responses made me smile. Some of the answers were fun and silly – I mean it’s Facebook, right. Most of […]

On the Fly

HomeAway Travel Guide for the Top 5 Farmers Markets

Travel Guide for the Top 5 Farmers Markets in the US | HomeAway Community by Kristin Schell

Wherever our travels take us, the first place I seek is the local Farmers Market.  There’s no better place to find the heartbeat of a community than in its markets. For my monthly column at the HomeAway Vacation Rental Living blog, I wrote a travel guide of my favorite 5 farmers markets. Deciding which markets […]

Weaving Words

31 Days: A Meal with Jesus

Winding Stair Restaurant, Dublin | 31 Days of Outrageous Hospitality with Kristin Schell | A Meal with Jesus

On the banks of the River Liffey sits the oldest independent bookshop in Dublin. The Winding Stair greets strangers, foreigners toting passports from here and there, with welcome and wonder. Small and peculiar, the landmark—named after the Yeats poem— offers an eclectic collection of new and second-hand books to a clientele as diverse as its […]